African Print Faso Danfani Mix Koko Donda Shirt/Jacket Blue

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The Faso Dan Fani, known as Burkina Faso‘s national cloth. For starters, the Faso Dan Fani means “woven cloth of the homeland” (pagne tissé de la patrie). All the words are Dioula: Fani = cloth/wrapper (pagne), Dan = woven (tissé), Faso = homeland (patrie). It is known locally as FDF. As you have probably guessed, the Faso Dan Fani is a handwoven cotton cloth. The weaving style and patterns differ depending on the ethnic group.

 Koko donda is a 100% organic cotton fabric made by our brave Burkinabè women. The fabric is multicolored, pleasant to the touch and which does not fade.

The Ultra Sexy African Print Koko Donda Mix Faso Danfani Sets Jacket+Pants  is perfect for casual or laid back weekends, this stylish African shirt fits like a dream. Offering ultimate comfort and durability, it's safe to say you'll reach for this shirt. Shop Matching Pants


100% Organic Cotton Fabric 


Machine wash cold, tumble dry low


Height: 5.10 | Size: XL





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