Hoodie Oversized Shirt African Dogon Print White

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This ultra sexy oversized Hoodie Shirt African Dogon Print is made with Dogon Indigo Fabric. The stunning, deep color of this Dogon Indigo Fabric makes it stand out. It features a dark and delicate patterns with dots in a traditional African pattern (Patterns might be slightly different the model). Sleeves are wide open and splits on the sides

Product Features 

Great For Every Type Of Guy 


  • Type of Object - Indigo Dyed Textile
  •  Country of Origin - Burkina
  • People - Dogon, possibly Mossi, from Burkina Faso
  •  Materials - 100% Cotton, dyes


Very gentle HAND washing  (NEVER MACHINE, on any setting)  in cool water with a very gentle detergent works, but even then, dyes may not be colorfast and fabric may be less strong than it appears.

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