"Une Nuit Des Étoiles"  Humanitarian Fundraising Dinner Gala in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

"Une Nuit Des Étoiles" Humanitarian Fundraising Dinner Gala in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Posted by Jacques Marchal Founder/CEO on Jan 13th 2022

December 17, the GRM GROUP, parent company of Marchal's Designs in Burkina Faso, organized a humanitarian fundraising gala to help people displaced from Burkina Faso due to terrorist attacks in northern Burkina Faso.

We have invited artists from Ivory Coast like Bebi Philip, Les leaders, and Coach Hamond Chic, artists from Burkina Folbby, Greg, Amity Meria, Tanya

We have spent over $40k dollars organizing and fundraising to assist internally displaced persons, widows and orphans of missing soldiers, and people in need of Burkina Faso

below is the report of Radio Omega a press of the country on one of our donations>

Coach Hamond Chic and Jacques Marchal CEO of the GRM (Georges Raymond Marchal Group) give a smile to the residents of the maternal hotel orphanage

Coach Hamond Chic and Jacques Marchal proceeded Monday, December 20, to the delivery of food and cash to the children of the maternal hotel of Ouagadougou, a center which welcomes abandoned children, orphans and girls in situation of pregnancy. It is for them to express their love and bring smiles to children.

This donation is composed, among other things, of milk, flour, soap, oil and an envelope for the needs of these children. According to Coach Hamond Chic “solidarity is the basis of life. When we have, we must share with our brothers and sisters. This is why with the GRM association, we have come to share the little that we can offer to the maternal hotel”.

This activity follows a program which began on December 17, 2021 and which consisted in helping internally displaced persons, widows and orphans of the defense and security forces who fell at the front. GRM group in collaboration with Coach Hamond Chic have also thought of the maternal hotel in Ouagadougou. “I know that many orphans from Soum and Arbinda, attacked by terrorists in December 2019 are present here. It is in this sense that we chose this orphanage as the first because it is part of our program,” said Jaques Marchal, CEO of the GRM.

The maternal hotel includes several sections including that of children from 0 to 01 years old, the young girl section in situation of unwanted pregnancy, the section of children with disabilities.

The children affected by this gesture sang to thank their donors. The staff meanwhile, through the voice of Salifou Younga, Director of the maternal hotel of Ouagadougou expressed the joy that animates "to receive these visitors who come to encourage us for our work in the care of children, but also who come to bring something that will always be useful in our institution, in particular food and hygiene products that will be useful for the care of the children”.

While emphasizing the daily needs of children, the manager of the maternal hotel appeals to anyone wishing to follow the same path to do so.

Marina Ouedraogo and Rahinatou Kouda from Burkina Info