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How We Got Started


Handcrafted clothing, art, and accessories created in Burkina Faso, West Africa with love. Celebrate beauty, heritage and fine African craftsmanship with each purchase of a Marchal’s product. 


Marchal’s products are designed with care so they look good on you or in your home. Each item you buy helps to support a local craftsperson and his or her family, enabling them to buy necessities like food, clothing and send their children to school. 

Company Overview 

Marchal’s was founded in 2016 by Jacques Marchal, a Maryland, USA-based entrepreneur. While shopping for gifts during a visit to his native Burkina Faso, he saw so many beautiful works of art and clothing designs handcrafted by proud people who worked hard but lived in deep poverty. He wanted to buy everything and bring it back to the United States and help all the kind, talented artists he met in the process. He couldn’t do it all in one shot so he decided to open a business that will enable him to share the beauty of the products he saw with people who appreciate art and fine design all over the USA and the world. In so doing, he could help the artisans who create Marchal’s products in the process.